Estate Sales

Estate Sales By The Quirky Carousel

We registered as a company available to conduct estate sales in San Diego County.  We have over 5 years experience in the conduct of estate sales in Orange and Los Angeles counties and have conducted a few in North County over the years.  Please check back for our announcement when this service will be available from our new Carlsbad location.

We list the estate sales we manage on the most popular estate sale websites in the industry to advertise your sale on-line and also use local media and our extensive mailing list to promote your sale.  We maintain paid subscriptions on these websites to ensure our advertising appear in prominent positions on these sites.  In addition, we have developed a unique integration with social media (Facebook and Twitter) to promote your sale, integrated with more traditional advertising outlets. Please visit our on-line estate sale pages @ and

We often deal with many clients who come to us to help them sell a collection of furniture and home accents that may be necessitated by retirement, relocation or combining households. We have had a few estate executors contact us to help with the complete liquidation of the contents of a relative’s home. In the past, we were only interested in bringing in items that we would like to offer for re-sale in our store, but often took the whole collection of items for sale as a help to our clients.  Some of these items are hard to sell in our store as they do not fit our previous business model.  We have found that these mainly newer items can be brokered to third parties for sale to their clientele.

Liquidating an estate is a great challenge for our clients.  We are now offering our expertise and have a few models we can adapt to help effectively manage estate sales, Some options include private liquidation, estate sale on location, or even auctions. Through on-site estate sales, we can increase sale proceeds immediately (versus in-store consignment) and we will relieve our clients of the inconveniences of detailed planning and follow through with the implementation of the sale.

Estate Sale Management conducted by our professionals will not only save you time and money but will also take a tremendous burden off you and your family at what is usually a difficult time. We bring our years’ knowledge of antiques and vintage retail and wholesale research and estimation for quality and pricing know how to make the process easier for you and at the same time maximize the return on the estate. We are offering a complete service, from estimates, cataloging, sale, through clean-out. We can process all the major credit cards during the estate sale; whether on-site, in our store or online.

Estate Sale Process by The Quirky Carousel

Walk through, Scheduling and Agreement

Before any sale can be conducted, a walk-through is required, a sales date must be decided, and a “Sales Agreement” must be signed. During the walk-through items which are to be included in the sale will be identified.  We request that you set aside any items you and your family/friends have decided to keep that will not be part of the sale.  Please do not attempt to clean out the estate prior to our walkthrough as there may be much value in items that our customers may want to buy.  There is a familiar saying that “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”; we will determine with you what is worth keeping for the sale.


After the walk-through, we will write up a contract for the estate sale.  In the contract, we will list all fees charged for the sale.  We request an up-front retainer fee (typically between $750-$1,500 depending on the size) for an estate sale to help us assemble the right team for the job and begin the extensive preparation work.  This can take from 1-2 weeks to complete.  After the setup, sale and clean-up is complete, we prepare a full accounting report and deduct the up-front retainer from the total and mark it as already paid.  We work on the sale and provide payment to all our staff taken out of the percentage of the sale we will agree upon in our contract

Lead Time

Estate Sales require advance preparation time that is unique to that sale. It is important to have enough lead time for advertising and publicity.  This typically takes 1-2 weeks for an average sale of a three bedroom home.

Sales Preparation

Our staff will provide tables, coverings, locking display cabinets, shelving units, wrapping paper and boxes and bags for the buyers use. Most items are priced individually, but occasionally there are prices by the “box lot” or “each item per…”. Should your estate include exceptional or rare items, our staff will research the high-low price determine eventual initial offering price and negotiation price. We use our background and staff knowledgeable in the design and home staging to create an elegant shopping experience.


Our design team will create an exclusive estate sales page on our website particularly suited for your sale, place newspaper advertising ads, send out mailers to our extensive list of customers on our mailing list (1000+ and growing) customers, and send an email announcement of your sale to our email subscribers. If the sale is small there may be shared advertising costs as specified in the Estate Sale Agreement. During the sale, professional signs are posted that attract and direct customers to the sale.  The cost of the advertising is covered by the commission fee and is paid by The Quirky Carousel.

Conducting the Sale

Our Estate Sales team is comprised of a core group of individuals available to set up, price, and/or work the sale on the sale dates, whichever the situation requires. Arriving at prices requires thoughtful and careful examination, research, location, quantity, quality and knowing the market. Reduced prices may be offered on the second, and sometimes third, days of the sale. There may be bidding and pre-sales (think BuyIt Now) offered if contracted.

On-site Bidding Option

Throughout the sale, we may take bids on particular items from interested customers. If the item has not been sold by late in the day of the last sale day, we will contact the bidder and offer to sell the item to them at the bid price.

We have our own large delivery truck and experienced staff.  At the sale, arrangements can be made with buyers for the packing and delivery of large items. Broom cleaning of any area of the house used for the sale is included.

Disposal of items that are left

The items remaining after a sale are generally garage sale items or items that have little or no desirability.  There may be some items that have great value and did sell due to the particulars of the market for the sale and buyers present.  In those cases, the items may be considered for consignment in our retail store and high-end online sales venues.

For the leftover items not candidates for consignment, the owner has the option to:

  1. Retain those items on their own for their keeping.
  2. Donate the items to charity, where a receipt will be provided for fair market value.
  3. Arrange prior to the sale for our Estate Sales team to dispose of the items or arrange for a buyout of all remaining contents or suggest various options to clear the house.


We have an extensive list of satisfied customers. If you would like to have a reference, we will be happy to provide you with that information.