Over the years we have been selling vinyl, most of our customers come in looking for a truly vintage release, a version of the LP that was manufactured at the time of the recording’s release.  If not a first issue, at least an immediate re-issue.  That’s what called a Vintage Vinyl LP and we have 1,000s on the floor.


Jazz is what we are cookin’, Daddy-O. All you hip cats come down to dig and spin these tunes, they are in orbit, man!  Can.. you.. dig.. it! I knew that you could.  Bin diving for all types of Jazz – Big Band/Swing, Bebop, Progressive, Avant Garde, Vocals, Fusion, Smooth, Latin.


Only so many Dark Side of the Moon LPs where pressed in 1973 so there are a finite number of copies in circulation and it is getting increasingly more difficult to find highly-graded (VG+ and above) vintage copies.  We often find copies that appear only acceptable to serve pizza on, so we are expanding our collection to include new re-issues of many beloved classics.


Visit Quirky Carousel and talk to one of our staff about helping you start or add to your Classical collection.  Classical music was only 2.8 percent of albums sold in this past year. By comparison, Rock was about 35 percent; R&B 18 percent; and Soundtracks was 4 percent. Only jazz, at 2.3 percent, is more incidental to the business of American music. What this really shows is that that the less your society listens to one type of music, the less enjoyed and understood it is by that society.  We live it and know it and it’s alive and well here.

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