Pascal Cucaro Original Blue Floral Painting


Pascal Cucaro

Blue Floral – Original Oil on Canvas (approx. early 1960s)

Original oil by famed American artist Pascal (Pat) Cucaro.  Reminiscent of the work of Van Gogh but uniquely Cucaro's eye and touch, this is a perfect example of Pat's later work.

About the artist – Pascal Cucaro

Although primarily inspired by Impressionists and Expressionists and such artists as Van Gough and Toulouse-Lautrec, he created his own style. He would say, “I am my own school. I paint Cucaro style.” His art evolved over time and was the result of the fusion of many influences and much experimentation. Favoring bright colors and a dynamic brush stroke, he would also incorporate linear definition and open perspectives in his paintings. He often would paint with heavy layers of medium- opaque and dense. Some times, he would paint with thin layers of transparency. For the finish, occasionally, he would leave the surface rough and often, he would finish the work with a thickly varnished surface. He was intrigued by different shapes and surfaces and liked to paint on those that differed from the usual rectangles and canvas. On narrow upright canvas, he’d paint street scenes of Naples, complete with laundry strung between the houses that lined the narrow alleyways. On thin strips of wood of yardsticks and rulers, he did expressive faces. On guitars and violins, he painted clown portraits. On round, oval or triangular shaped canvas or masonite, he did florals with exploding bright colors or galloping horsemen. He even painted on plexiglass, formica and sheets of steel and was even known to draw on paper plates or napkins when the moment arose.

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