Icons of Mid-Century Modern Design

The trend for mid-century modern may come and go (and come again), but one of the best parts of mid-century modern design is the timeless quality of the individual pieces.  Many designs first created in the mid-century will look just as good in a contemporary space as a mid-century modern one.  Here are eight examples […]

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Refinishing Furniture – To Be or Not To Be

Refinishing furniture can be a challenging but rewarding for someone with these tips and a do-it-yourself attitude. Seeing an old piece of furniture that you deem to be a gem-in-the-rough and making it become a fine piece of furniture again is an enjoyable process. With a bit of hard work, you can transform even the most […]

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On Antiques and Vintage Furnishings and Accessories

Most people I have met love to collect, or at the very least, appreciate fine old furnishings and accessories. What we often refer to as antiques have been evolving in the past twenty years.  In the past, if some item was designated as an antique, it meant that it was over 100 years old.  In the furnishings and accessories market, […]

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